Welcome to Longsard

Whenever anybody asks where are you from, i.e 3d graphics card free download windows 10. where were you born, I always need a good five minutes to answer. Born NYC, upper east side, moved to Westchester and then to Europe; Switzerland, France, UK minecraft kostenlos herunterladen für tablet. Married a French Count I had met in Africa, and continued the nomadic expatriate life to Barcelona, Sao Paulo, Paris, London Miami and then here. So, instead of travelling the world, now the world comes to us kann man bei amazon musik downloaden. I am very involved in parks and gardens( and am a keen gardener) and was for many years president for this area of France. I do the cooking and accounts and Olivier does the welcoming anno 1800 patch. We work as a team, complementing each other. We have our own delicious beaujolais wine, which flows freely to welcome our guests. We have dogs and cats and the doors are always open ps4 ruhemodus schneller downloaden. Our kids now live and work or study in Paris, London and NYC, but they still have their own rooms and are always back for Christmas.

Meal times are a real polyglotte stew, more often than not I remain in the kitchen and Olivier serves,but we do add in our comments or translate as we both speak 4 languages from our travels handy sounds for free.
We live in a home, albeit a very large home that in France is called a chateau, but the atmosphere is not stuffy or impersonal, it is full of our own history, and every object has a story playlist bei youtube downloaden. We love having guests, and have been running this bed and breakfast for over 10 years. We live in an unspoilt wine area, which is one of the most beautiful in France, with rolling hills, no traffic jams and still very close to amenities, (3 minutes from the major north/south motorway the A6) herunterladen. We have our own orchard- I planted each tree myself, and use all local produce, and only what is in season. All our jams are made by me, but not for sale- I don’t have the time to make that much !We are lucky to live in an area where all french agree, is the best food and fresh produce android update manuell herunterladen. We recently built self contained duplex apartments in the coach house, for longer stays each with a kitchenette.

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